I tried something and it failed...


F.A.I.L. (First Attempt In Learning)


Back in August, I decided I was going to host my first in-person event. An in-person event was requested by multiple people in the community. I jumped in with excitement because I love planning events and I know, first hand, the impact an in-person event can have on someone's life. I want nothing more than to connect our community in person.


Do you want to know how many tickets I sold after investing thousands of dollars in the event and advertising about the event just about everyday for two months straight? ONE! One ticket sold.


I am sharing this with you because you might have tried something before and it failed, or so you think it failed. I actually don't take it as a fail, but a lesson learned. In this case, I learned that it is not a good idea to host an in-person event the week after Christmas. Here I thought since everyone already has the time off, it would be great! Nope. People are traveling, visiting family and airline tickets are expensive this time of year. Lesson learned.


Does this mean I am going to give up on hosting an in-person event, HECK NO!


If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal. Look at every "setback" as a sign on how to move forward in a new way.


Having plans fail that you're excited about can be absolutely crushing. If you are going through a tough time or you've experienced a "fail", change your mindset from: "this is happening TO me to, this is happening FOR me." I know that can be hard, especially in the heat of the moment. Your mindset is a choice and something to work on everyday. That is definitely the case for me. Positivity does not come naturally for me a lot of the time. I am more of a glass half empty kind of gal, sadly. Each day I have to remind myself and train my brain to be a half glass full kind of gal because that is who I want to be.


Who do you want to be? The choice is yours.


Failure is such an important part of success. So many are quick to share their successes and hide their failures. I'm here to keep it real with you. I am not afraid to try and I am not afraid to fail. I'll be the guinea pig. Experimenting was so much of my journey building a bridal business for the last six years. Try something and adjust if it didn't work. The "growing pains" of my bridal business lead me straight into the launch of Bridal Trade. If I didn't experience all that I did (wins and fails) I wouldn't be fit to be a mentor in this industry. The members of the Bridal Trade community know as they are going through the lessons, I share where and how I would've done it differently. I want better and quicker results for you in your bridal business.


Don't be afraid to fail, my darling. It's the brave ones who get up after a fail and try again that find great success.


Feel the fear and do it anyway!




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