7 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Bridal Beauty Business


1. You don't have a website. A website tells potential clients that you take this seriously as a business, not just a side hobby. Want to make some serious money working in this industry? It's time to step it up.


Your Website is your landing hub for your business.


If you work in another part of the industry, like in the salon, create a page on your website that is strictly for bridal clients if you are trying to grow that part of your business.


Instagram or your salon software booking system is not your website.


2. You're focusing too much on what others are doing instead of dedicating that time to building your own business. How many hours a day do you waste scrolling on social media watching everyone else live "their best life?"


You've heard the saying "comparison is the thief of joy", right?


3. You aren't getting out of your comfort zone. Yes, building a business and a clientele is hard and scary. Yes, posting consistently on social media takes commitment.


How bad do you want it? You'll either find a way or find an excuse.


4. You aren't doing a client intake form with EACH AND EVERY GUEST! Start collecting info from every guest that you work on for legal/safety reasons and to grow your database.


5. You aren't taking photos/videos of EACH AND EVERY GUEST! Listen, even I do this one. Try to work it into your client experience. The more you do it, the more it will become a habit.


Take the photos/videos whether you feel confident about the work or not. Sometimes, we're just being too hard on ourselves. As you grow as a stylist, it's a nice reminder to look back on your old work and see how much you've grown.


Take photos in good natural lighting with a clean background. If you can, go outside. The lighting is usually better outside. Take a ton of photos from all different angles.


Taking multiple photos of every client is going to help with social media.The more content options you have, the better!


6. You aren't showing up as your best self. If I had a dollar for every time I've witnessed someone in our industry show up to work with a messy bun, or no makeup, or in work out attire...I'd be retired on a beach!


We work in the beauty industry. Your brides and clients are looking to you to be fashion forward and well put together.


What are you telling your clients if their first visit with you, you're frantically rolling up late, dressed less than impressive, and then the whole time you talk about all of the drama in your life. As a client, that would tell me that you don't care about me at all. I would lose confidence in you real quick.


Leave your drama at the door. Focus your conversations on your clients. Get up early and get ready for the day. Clean out your kit and be professional.


7. You don't have systems in place. It is very easy to get unorganized working in this industry. Lots of inquires, lots of dates, lots of different faces. This is where I come in to help...


The goal is to scale your bridal business. Your business should be like a well oiled machine that can run (mostly) with out you.


If you need help with the next steps of growing your bridal business, be sure to join the waitlist on the Bridal Trade website. I'll see you in there!


Know that with each phase of business comes new challenges. We all make mistakes. Running a business is a constant learning process. It's how you get up each day and try your best that is going to propel you forward. Like I always say, hustle & heart will set you apart.




It's time to build a successful and profitable bridal beauty business

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